If you can imagine it, we can design it.

Expert design of electronic controls for product and systems.

Creekside Controls can help you


Design Your Product or System

We specialize in designing the electronic controls that drive almost all of today's products and systems.

From mechanical integration to electronic schematic, PCB layout and firmware/software design, we can do it all. Advanced sensors. Motion handling. Power and battery management. Energy harvesting. Enclosures and wiring. 3D modeling and industrial design. Simulation of complex systems.


Connect Your Product or System

Connect to the users of your product or system with our brilliant StreamUX touch displays and graphics framework.  Connect to the Internet of Things using WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NFC, RFID, industrial RS485 and many other wired and wireless protocols. 

Our engineers specialize in interfacing to your product or system with a PC, phone, tablet or web app.


Manufacture Your Product or System

We provide world-class documentation, detailed drawings, renderings and 3D models that remove all guesswork from our manufacturers.

We actively manage your supply chain, so that part availability and end-of-life issues are identified and avoided early in the design. We also have excellent manufacturing partners both for quick-turn prototypes and high volume assembly at the lowest possible price.


Release Your Product or System

Creekside uses very efficient processes, honed over 20 years of design, to minimize any errors that might occur during the design process.

We offer tailored reliability programs that verify all aspects of your product or system are solid and ready to mass produce. We have excellent partners to help you achieve any certifications from FCC, UL, CE or others that your product may need.


Are you looking to add an embedded display to your products or searching for an easy way to add graphics, fonts, text and audio to your current display solution?

You've come to the right place! Our StreamUX Graphics Suite has everything you need to develop amazing human interfaces in a fraction of the time!

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Creekside Controls is an established electronics design firm located in Louisville, KY. Our engineers provide superior electronic design services and product development to a wide range of customers.

In addition, we have developed a line of products to serve the development needs of other Electrical Engineers.

Our Clients



“Creekside Controls has been able to handle both hardware and software design needs for our customers at Win2uit Electronics. The support for the design side as well as the consideration for manufacturing the final product makes Creekside a great fit for both our customer and Win2uit Manufacturing. Design layout by Creekside has helped keep Win2uit competitive when the final design goes into production.”

Teri McDonald
General Manager, Win2uit Electronics

“Creekside Controls has been very responsive to our startup company’s design needs in working toward commercialization of our patented consumer electronics device to address prescription drug abuse via a programmable, portable, tamper-resistant dispenser. Creekside has helped us with improvements in our device’s power usage minimization, including consultancy, prototype design and assembly, parts sourcing, and programming.”

Linton Wells
President, Dose Control LLC

“The engineers at Creekside Controls have delivered top-quality hardware and software solutions for our products. They’ve helped us develop project specifications, design, layout, prototype, and move our projects into full production. The thing that I like the most about Creekside is they know how to stay on track with project timelines and always discuss with me the different engineering solutions available to accomplish our project goals.”

Dennis Hall
Engineering Manager, Winston Food Service

“Creekside Controls is very instrumental with hardware and software designs for products manufactured at Key Electronics. Design files are complete and precise with quick response to manufacturing design related issues. A true partner in design through manufacturing of electronic control and assemblies.”

Steve Schumaker
Senior Business Analyst, Key Electronics
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