Advanced User Interface Controls

2D Graphs

On screen 2D graphing allowing multiple configurable plots.


On screen keyboards allow user text entry or modification.


Allows users to quickly modify a value on screen.

Progress Bars

Shows progress or visual representation of a value.


Define colors, borders, corners and gradients.


Import PC audio files for button presses, alarms, etc.


Use any PC font, with anti-aliasing, global language support in UTF8.


Import any jpg, png, gif, tiff or bmp to your UI.

Demo Screens

The Five Box System

Five Boxes.  Unlimited possibilities.  Introducing the Five Box System, a series of UI building blocks that break the most complex interface down to simple and easy-to-manage components.

Empty Box

Used for indicators, borders, area fills and shadows.

Solitary Box

Contains a single, aligned image or text resource.

Group Box

Contains multiple Boxes that all share the same state.

Clone Box

Efficiently copies another Box using different content.

Sand Box

Groups Boxes in functional areas like nav bars and screens.